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Dorset Waste Partnership is currently door-step calling in parts of Dorset, promoting the newly implemented "Recycle for Dorset" service. All will carry ID cards, a letter of authority and will be wearing orange tabards. They have started in North Dorset and will then move onto East Dorset finishing Christchurch by mid July, working between Tuesday and Saturdays weekly. Under no circumstance will they ask to enter your property, however they may request a telephone number for the purposes of a quality assurance check to be made but this is optional and the house holder may decline to take part. Do not let any cold caller into your home. Should anyone attempt to gain entry please ask them to leave and contact Dorset Police on 101 immediately. Check out the Community Watch page for more information GO


wheelstoworkThe Rural Dorset Wheels 2 Work (RDW2W) scheme is for people aged 16 and above who need affordable transport to enable them to access education, employment, and training or simply for getting around. Unlike other moped schemes, the RDW2W scheme is a ‘loan to own’ scheme whereby at the end of the payment period, you will own the moped rather than having just rented it, with the option to keep it, sell it back to the scheme (if in very good condition) or sell it privately to finance your next vehicle. more information  - application form request


autismawarenss dayAUTISM AWARENESS DAY
The event is coordinated by regional charity Autism Wessex who offer support for anyone affected by autism and associated difficulties in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. This year’s event is the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day and every year, autism organisations around the world celebrate the day with their own unique fundraising and awareness raising events MORE


It’s Lungworm Awareness Month so you may have seen, heard or read more than usual about this nasty disease, which can be fatal to dogs. Lungworm has been a common problem in southern areas of England and South Wales for some time, but the number of cases diagnosed in northern England and Scotland has risen too, so people all over the UK should be aware of it. How do dogs get lungworm? Dogs get lungworm by eating larvae found in infected snails, slugs or frogs. They can also accidentally eat infected tiny slugs if they are on a toy or their fur. The lungworm larvae then grow inside the dog and adult lungworms move through their body to live in their heart and blood vessels. This can cause heart problems, breathing problems and pneumonia but in mild cases infection can remain unnoticed by owners. After about 28 days the worms start to produce their own larvae which can lead to serious problems. It can cause haemorrhages in the lungs, liver, intestine, eyes and spinal cord but also pretty much anywhere in the body. If left untreated, it can be fatal in severe cases. more information


Public Consultation

An opportunity for the public to shape planning / development.
Blandford Forum Town Council, Blandford St Mary and Bryanston Parish Councils, together with the DT11 Community Partnership have set up Blandford + to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. On Saturday 28th of April 2014 in the Corn Exchange there will be a public consultation to determine development possibilities for the Blandford Forum - Bryanston  - Blandford St Mary. Parish and Town Councils can now prepare a Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted as part of the Local Planning Authority‚Äôs Development Framework.