A clear view is essential.

Taking a few minutes to clear the ice from your car windscreen is worth the effort. I see so many motorists with their noses pressed up against a clear section of the windscreen no bigger than a dinner plate. They might be travelling slow but even at three or four miles an hours they can do considerable damage to a parked car or an unseen pedestrian. Ask your self the question : Is it really worth taking the risk? De-icer is cheap but a blanket placed over the windscreen during the night is even cheaper. Better still take the time to stick the car in the garage so it is not side-swiped by someone else.
I just didn’t see you is not going to get you off a charge of driving without due care and attention.

Remember if you have switched on your heated rear window with the car on tick over , it will drain your battery in less than 15 minutes and probably stop the eingine as well - unless you raise the engine revs. Older diesel engines, once started could run without a battery connected as they had the fuel mechanically injected into combustion chamber. This is done by electronics in modern diesels and electronics needs battery power.

Match-Funding applied for

The Parish Council have applied for match funding to replace the finger-posts around Bryanston. Bryanston School has agreed to contribute to the refurbishment of the posts. If match funding has been successful then refurbishments of the three finger-posts around Bryanston will begin in Spring 2015. The finger-posts are in very poor condition and the PC have obligation to replace them with like for like. Do you know of any pictures showing what the top roundel looked like?
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Parish Councillor co-option.

The casual vacancy of the Parish Council has now been filled. The Parish Council co-opted Mr Chris Gale onto the council at the beginning of the November meeting. Mr Gale has no previous experience as a councillor so will require training regarding a Parish Councillors duties and responsibilities. See profile of Cllr Gale

Dodging showers on the village litter-pick

Armed with their trusty tongs, waterproof jackets and gloves six litter-pickers dodged the showers to complete the litter-pick around 90 mind. The showers were short lived and the sunshine was very much appreciated by all.

There has been a noticeable drop in general rubbish and litter this year with around 7 bin-liners. Still dominant is the alluminium foil can but the wax paper coffee cup and the polystyrene box has become numerous. New Road produced the most abundant quantity of cans and crisp bags.

More worrying is
the growing number of dog-mess bags left lying around the paths and grassed areas where children would play. Dog owners seem to think that bagging the mess is good enough there being no need to dispose of it properly.

The cut through into Bryanston School
on the immediate right as you enter the village seems to be the worst. Numerous bags of bagged-dog-poo litter the path. Some hanging on branches where they have been thrown into the woods. There is no excuse as only a few meters away is a dog mess bin. It is obvious as it is right next to the Bryanston Village sign.

Plea to dog owners: Please take your dog mess home or make sure you dispose of it in a responsible manner. Have a care for the children in the village and the beauty of the natural environment. We should not have to police this problem but if that’s what it takes... then so be it. Many thanks to all who took part in the litter-pick.

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