Notice board too modern.

A small group of residents were in attendance at the Parish Council meeting to confront the council over the replacement PC noticeboard. Some residents are of the opinion that the new board is too big and the design too modern for the village. They expressed a desire to have the original one returned. It was explained that this had been on several agendas for discussion in the previous months but no members of the public turned up to voice any opinion. The original boards were not waterproof and notices were mostly eaten by snails in a very short time. The boards were not large enough to accommodate the minutes and the agenda information at the same time. The parish clerk pointed out that Parish Noticeboards should carry details of all councillors and contact details on permanent display as well as the agendas and minutes.

Compromise to be found - see proposal

Changes to the design and colour of the new board are to be submitted to residents to see if a compromise can be reached. If a compromise cannot be found then residents in attendance attendance state they would be happy to have the old board returned for the display of just the Meeting Agendas and contact details. This would be legal as the minutes are on display in two other locations. The council has decided to hold a public consultation regarding the old noticeboard and the new community board to be located next to the red telephone box.

The replacement notice board was built and donated to the village free of charge. Proposed changes to it will be available here on BryanstonTimes for all to see. Further discussion and indeed the public consultation will be at the next PC meeting. It will be one of the items on the agenda. If you have an opinion then please voice it by using the response form on the council page.



steam tractor


Our thanks to Mark Thomas for sending us the link to a video of the WW1 Steam Convoy as it turned at the roundabout in front of Bryanston School gates following the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The image above takes you to the U tube video.

Match-Funding successful

The Parish Councils application for match funding to replace the finger-posts around Bryanston has been successful. The project will start in the early spring. Bryanston School has agreed to contribute to the refurbishment of the finger-posts.  The finger-posts are in very poor condition and the PC have obligation to replace them with like for like. Do you know of any pictures showing what the top roundel looked like?
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Parish Councillor co-option.

The casual vacancy of the Parish Council has now been filled. The Parish Council co-opted Mr Chris Gale onto the council at the beginning of the November meeting. Mr Gale has no previous experience as a councillor so will require training regarding a Parish Councillors duties and responsibilities. See profile of Cllr Gale

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