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Dark evenings herald the need to be alert for pedestrians walking on the roadside. Road casualty statistics show that 40% of collisions occur in the hours of darkness.

Now you seem me now you don`t
The drop in visibility at night can lead to things just appearing in view.Vulnerable road users may not be as easy to see at night, as it is difficult to make out an identifying shape and road users should take more care at night. Pedestrians may not have realised that you have not seen them.

Bee seen @ night
Cyclists are also difficult to spot
, as their lights are not as powerful as cars. It can also be more difficult to spot the single headlight of a motorcyclist at night if they are around cars. In darkness it is harder to judge speed and distance and objects can be closer than they appear or travelling faster than first expected.



Lots of roads around Bryanston have no street lighting and no pavements. Think about carrying a small torch you can use to illuminate yourself with and above all wear somthing bright, better still something reflective.

 St Nicholas Church now has a section in the BryanstonTimes web. This is Bryanston’s parish church and all are welcome to attend Services etc. St Nicholas Church /
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Dogs are being stolen.

We have been advised by several local residents to warn dog-walkers to be careful when walking their dog.
Reports of dogs being stolen while out for a walking with their owners. Elderly dog-walkers are particularly at risk. Do not walk your dog alone is the best advice. If you do then only use the public areas with plenty of people around. Avoid remote parts of the trailway and quiet footpaths.



At BryTimes we try very hard to find fresh content for the site, but all to no avail. Durweston content was to be included but since they already have a site the editors feel there is no point in duplicating information so will search to find alternative content. Durweston related content will continue to appear until their own website is updated. If you have any ideas for content relating to other villages please contact us.





Bus2Go is a door to door service which enables everyone to participate regardless of age or mobility limitations. Bus2Go transports local people from Milbome St Andrew, Blandford Forum, Dorchester an surrounding villages on day trips to shopping centres , lunches, Garden Centres, Theatres an places of  interest including the New Forest Donkey Sanctuary and Swanage Steam Railway etc More