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Hi I'm John Lilley at SeaSurveys.
What makes a good marine surveyor? Well there will be a host of opinions but competent surveyors need to have certain things in common in my opinion.

Merely pointing out faults is not particularly helpful.
Techniques used for repairing a boat are often different from the techniques used during the original build. To be able to advise an owner how best to achieve a satisfactory repair one must have first hand experience of what works and what does not. A competent surveyor will have acquired considerable knowledge and experience over many years, and these skills are all brought into play when carrying out surveys






Wide range experience really counts.

I have been professional marine surveyor for nearly 15 years. I am an appointed MCA surveyor on behalf of Seafish working with the fishing community. The standards of SEAFISH are quite demanding which is understandable considering that fishing is considered one of the most dangerous occupations. Fishing vessels have to be rigorously checked for build quality during construction as well as safety and seaworthiness surveys throughout their working life.


Building GRP boats 35 years ago -click to unfold

My background comes from mechanical engineering and the spray industry. In the early 70s I gained experience while designing and building the Magician class sailing dinghy. This was a one-off design that was built to compete with the Mirror Dinghy. Understanding GRP material has given me great advantage in assessing modern boat building methods, and the pitfalls of poor design.

I have extensive knowledge of what works and what does not.

Not all modern boats are built to last and this is a serious consideration when such large a investment involved.



Hands-on-approach -click to unfold
During this time the family owned a 9 ton and then a 12 ton timber built Hillyard which we maintained ourselves. I designed and built a wheel house for our beloved 12 ton Hillyard in 1975 which to this day is still intact and part of this fine vessel. When I was a youth I was very lucky to spend many fitting out seasons working out of David Hillyards Boatbuilders in Littlehampton.


Shipwright and surveyor -click to unfold
While I specialise in timber construction and repairs I offer a complete service to all types of craft. Interior design and construction and installation. GRP gel-coat repairs and local colour matching / re spray to finish, hatches, toe-rails, rubbing strakes, planking, mast repairs and metal fabrication in S/S and galvanised steel, keel bolts. Take a look at the FAQs link on the menu bar for more information and details of work undertaken.


Peace of Mind knowing you are protected.trust Image

Naturally, we carry professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance as all surveyors should do. Bearing in mind the cost of this insurance, there are undoubtedly a number that cannot get insured.

It is particularly difficult to obtain insurance for inexperienced surveyors. Inevitably some take a considerable risk of operating without it.

At Seasurveys we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients in providing an excellent service and good value for money, in all we do.