Area covered

We cover most of the South Coast from Plymouth in the West to Littlehampton in the East & parts of North Somerset & Devon. Bear in mind that The longer the distance travelled , the higher will be the traveling costs fuel and time etc. .On a large vessel that possibly does not impact much upon the total cost of the inspection however, on smaller vessels, these charges start to build a high proportion of the overall cost however, I would be very happy to give a quote for comparison .


Costs do vary from vessel to vessel depending upon the type of survey you require . Timber boats are much more time consuming and complicated as, a full survey will require removal of some plank fastenings as seen appropriate And, generally any surveyor that quotes the same costs for undertaking a survey on a timber vessel as to that on fibreglass is either overcharging for fibreglass or is not doing what might be expected to be done for the timber vessel . It will be very rare to find a fibreglass vessel requiring the same degree of knowledge and close inspection as that which is required for a timber vessel as, timber vessels are apt to be far more involved in the construction as well as a considerable number of differing techniques for surveying them. Generally, a timber vessel will be a minimum of approximately 40% or 50% more costly .

The other area where the cost is affected Is the scope of the survey required obviously, merely to do the outside hull skin is considerably less expensive vented to the whole of the vessel . Best to get a quote on this form .

















Any of these areas & more for surveys. Chichester-Hamble-Southampton-Lymington-Keyhaven-Poole-Wareham-Weymouth-Portland-West Bay-Lyme Regis-Axmouth-Exmouth -Torbay-Plymouth. Just call to check.


Repairs & shipwright work

This work is restricted to a limited area for the obvious reasons of too long spent driving & not enough time spent "working" so this area is along the South Coast between Poole & Weymouth/Portland where I carry out numerous repairs of all types for owners & boatyards who do not have their own timber shipwright in house.


Other items such as tillers etc. can be made & sent out if suitable measurements & or patterns are available.