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Moisture Meters

Want to know more about moisture meters & what the readings mean on GRP boats then download this PDF Document & understand what the survey is looking for.Moisture meter readings on GRP boats have to be taken in most cases if only for recording the readings for future comparison. However, great care should be taken when interpreting these readings. Their use does have limitations and many potential buyers have walked away from a good boat on the basis of what a meter says and no other physical reasons. Identifying saturated cored decks is a usefull application if the deck hasnot yet delaminated from the core. It would otherwise be impossible to determine if the core has become wet. Tramex Skipper Moisture MeterAssessing the condition of a single skin hull just on the basis of moisture readings is seriously flawed though. Many surveyors rely on the meter to trell them everytthing about the hull skin. Much can be mis-diagnosed using just this method. Over exaggerating any problems is just as easy as missing something simply because the readings are low.

Tramex moisture meter


The two most common meters are the Tramex above and the Sovereign below, but Sovereign moisture meterthere are several others and there is not a great deal of difference bewteen them. More a case of understanding what the individual meter is telling the surveyor.



Sovereign Moisture meter


Using Timber

Want to know more about timber & its specific uses then download this PDF document & find out why one timber is better suited for a particular purpose than another

Timber structure explained

Here is further information on timber construction two articles here & here describing the parts of a timber vessel & the names & purpose of components & problems that can affect wooden yachts. nUnderstanding how a timber boat is built and how repairs Pank removed showing frames & bilgescan be undertaken once built is extre,mely important if a surveyor is going to do an accomplished job of reporting & advising.

A surveyor should also have knowledge of timber identification, the uses of particular timber & its properties as all timbers have individual properties that can be an asset or a liability in yacht construction.

Not all decay & softness is caused by simple "rot" and a timber yacht surveyor must be able to differentiate.






Cored decks on GRP

This is an article on cored decks on GRP boats along with gel coat damage problems and much more. Click here. Cored decks and hulls are good at incorporating rigidity wothout adding weight but, when they go wrong, you might wish the hull was single skin...


This article deals with GRP rudders, how they are made, what's inside them & how they are repaired. Download here. After watertight Rudder fouling skegintegrity, the rudder is the next most impotant item. without it most boats will need the lifeboat or assistance. Often ignored and fortunately not often failing...but...again ignore the warning signs at you own peril. See this article & understand how they are built and why they fail.


Rigging & masts

Article dealing with timber cockpits & all types of Stainless rigging & stainless_riggingtimber masts. Click here. Stainless rigging can last for many decades without problem, but it is practically impossible to tell if failure or fatigue is just around the corner. Liken it to a fuse, it is either OK or it has failed. Rarely is there an in between moment.

Survey problems

Some very common survey problems on all types of vessel. Click here. hull_stressingThese are typical of the problems, some major, some minor that all surveyors will come accross on both GRP & timber yachts. All can be repaired but, as a buyer, you might want to understand the impact of the fault and how it can be repaired & the cost of repair.
This photo shows hull flexing cracks near the waterline


Electrolytic damage

On timber vessels the damage caused by anodes & other "electrolytic damage" is explained here. Many surveyors who say they understand timber will often advise an owner to fit anodes and other items on the hull of a timber boat. This can destroy a wooden vessel in almost months it the resultant Timber hull remainsdeterioration is extreme. Read the article and uderstand what causes this extreme but easily avoided circumstance.