Boat & Yacht related Links page

Here we provide a list of useful links for the practical and the not so practical boat owner. We do not endorse any of the companies detailed here they are provided as is.

Useful Websites: click on any heading to go there


Forum for Classic boats where questions can be asked and hopefully answered by regular and informed classic boat enthusiasts


Looking for your next or maybe first boat boat? try the ybw find a boat on line


YBW forum for Practical Boat Owner where all aspects of modern yacht & boat ownership problems can be shared


Seafish website for small commercial vessel MCA standards, some of which are useful guidelines for yachts. More easy to find information in our own website here.

hillyard 12 ton










Hillyard Owners Association where you can find out information on Hillyards and their owners and various other Hillyard related matters.


Hillyard Owners Yahoo site where you can ask questions & get in touch with other Hillyard owners


Boat Safety Scheme details. regulations & advice for inland waterways and regulated vessels. Details on gas installation requirements and much more.


Major Cashback "Topcashback" On insurance/DIY & many other items from major outlets try this company some useful savings to be found & now quite well respected by all



boat jumble












Ever wanted to know your timber?This site give examples most of the timber you are ever likely to require for decorative & structural use on boats This alternative site has accurate photos of all timbers

Total identification of timber uses the endgrain for absolute identification & this website helps understand the differences netween timbers

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Rope Assemblies:, a commercial supplier of various wire rope for commercial use including marine rigging both stainless & galvanised but with a large amount of useful information and stock.. Worth a visit and quote as usually a less expensive supplier than dedicated marine stockists


Yachtsnet Archives: A useful archive of details of hundreds of yachts with photos and spec. This is a brokerage site primarily but the archive site is informative. The link is to the archive site.


Propellers Solutions: Sales and repairs to all types of propellers. Bronze Stainless Steel and Aluminium propellers available from stock.


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Web design service: Turbolink Systems. Bespoke service for full corporate sites and one-page sites at very competetive rates.


Online Chandlers Jones Boat Chandlery

New online chandlery service .Based inland waterways but nationwide service offered.












Commercial rope supplies...all uses. BuyRope trade & retail suppliers of ropes for all trades & interests. Interesting website. Mention Seasurveys for a discount on your chosen purchase.