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Survey page: describes differences between survey types, access to sample surveys, free survey template for own survey, the process of survey & much more about surveys on boats


Area covered: the area limits & guide to cost for repairs & surveys


Buying a boat: tips on buying your first or next boat, what to look for, advice on what to expect & how best to decide, the full procedure from 1st viewing to completion.


Links: links to various websites of possible interest including library of different yachts & boats to timber description websites & more.


Survey problems: some common photos of problems regularly seen on timber & grp vessels.


About us: find out a bit more about who will be surveying or repairing your vessel


Tried & Tested: this page will be added to gradually with products that I have used with success & would pass this experience onto others. From paint to wind generator.





Shipwright page: on this page are samples of major works carried out such as rubbing strake replacement to GRP hull damage with full descriptions of how the work was done.


Boats & bits for sale: a new page free of charge for advertisers to sell boats & bits. Not yet fully established but added to as time goes on.


Articles: on this page are a number of useful pdf articles about various subjects including common survey problems encountered, timber boat construction, grp rudders/keels etc. Electrolytic damage on timber boats. Moisture meters & how to use them & interpret the readings on grp


Contact us: full contact details & online form for further questions or to list a boat or bit free of charge on the site.


Seafish: all fishing vessels need registration surveys eventually. Seafish & the MCA are responsible for this & I carry out Seafish surveys, see this page for much more information & a really frightening video on fishing vessels in a rough sea..

Welding & machining : page showing what other useful services are available


Latest News: Page of marine related news. Weather:Boatyards:People:Places:Advice: