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July 2019: A large mooring barge (about 45 tons) whilst trying to manoeuvre between moored yachts near Lake immediately East of the Marines base in Poole Harbour got caught in the strong flood tide and swept onto a Westerly Fulmar, nearly fetching the mast down and causing substantial damage as the vertical ground post on the barge appeared to catch the rigging as it passed down the side of the vessel. CCTV caught the accident fortunately for the owner of the Westerly.
May 2019: Used boat sales do appear to be quite slow for the older vessel with continuing low prices. Some owners are holding out for the best price, but unless the vessel is outstanding or scarce, then buyers are finding owners who really want to sell....& at the buyer's price. These low prices tend to make the cost of a survey seem quite expensive in relation, but although an older vessel can be a bargain price, any major issues still cost the same to fix on a 30 year old 26ft vessel at £4000 as they would on a 4 year old 26ft vessel at £30000..sometimes more. Worth bearing in mind.

March/April 2019: Sudden week of Summer weather followed by an ongoing week of mid winter temperatures and unsettled weather as I write this. Boatyards all busy now getting ready although come to a bit of a stop at the moment due to the cold.
This year no Beaulieu Boat Jumble & no Dorset Boat Jumble. Bit disappointing..have to purchase full priceantifouling and cannot buy a lot of things we did know we didn't want either!

Jan/Feb 2019: Late January and early February brought some very low temperatures & in parts of inland Dorset, a quantity of snow. Less snow on the coast but still some low temperatures. -5c in Wareham overnight causing the marina at Ridge Wharf to freeze over. Even boats afloat can be at risk of engines & other systems being damaged with no antifreeze or system drainage on calorifier systems if the temperatures remain low for too many hours.

December 2018: Have a Happy Christmas to all who see this. Click on the image to access the short Xmas video


September 2018: Yard getting ready for Winter layup & a clear out of unloved vessels. hillyardThis one is a 9 Ton Hillyard that lay in the yard uncared for for a number of years. One of several timber yachts destined for the chainsaw at Ridge Wharf . Use it or lose it comes to mind. Included in this clear out seems to be an old plywood Eventide, MY Leonid a once beautiful 42ft Ketch built in teak in 1905, a couple of ex navy pinnances, a 24 ft open timber launch.

August 2018: From the excess of high temperatures & no wind to the other extreme of strong winds & ever decreasing temperatures for the August Bank Holiday. Back to reliable reality! Generally all quiet along the South Coast this month. A new builder for fishing vessels in the Bournemoth area just getting ready for construction of a new design 6m catamaran to be subject to Seafish examination for commercial fishing. Looks to be a competitive newcomer to the limited market for under 10m vessels. More later on this one. These vessels can also have a place in the recreational market as with Seafish registration they always have an increased value when sold because they can immediately be registered for fishing. If a vessel built after 2007 does not have the Sea fish build certificate then, at the moment, it can never be used for commercial fishing. The certificate cannot be applied for retrospectively as the vessel is surveyed for the cert. whilst in build.

Above Photo: GM19 monohull awaiting final completion after moulding

June/July 2018: The new rules for under 7m fishing vessel inspections are now having an impact. The MCA took over from Seafish at the end of last year & the Seafish under 7m inspection merely inspected the hull structure and little else. The new inspection regime inspects the fishing_vesselvessel in every single aspect & the vessel is expected to fall in line with the standards required for a new vessel of over 7m in nearly all aspects now. So far, those I have inspected for the MCA have had to have a considerable amount of updating in all areas. In a few exceptional cases it was considered that the cost of survey would not be warranted as there was no possibility of the vessel being accepted for commercial fishing. It is likely that in time all existing fishing vessels will be subject to this intensive inspection in order to reduce the incidence of unseawrthy fishing vessels as much as possible.

If you require an MCA registration survey then check for your nearest registered surveyor here opr call me direct if you are Between Southampton & Exeter or North Somerset

April 2018: Beaulieu Boat Jumble at the end of April was a good day for buyers & sellers. The weather was good & it appeared to be quite busy. They made some slight changes to the format & instead of the traditional two separate fields, they were combined into just one large field. Still took a long time to progress around & even longer trying to remember whbeaulieuere you saw that really good whatsitcalled that you wish you had bought when you first saw it. We've all done it. A few bargains about as always. The other change was the pre-entrance stallholders that used to get the advantage of early buyers did not this year as the 1000h opening time include this area and many just walked straight through not really investigating as would have once been the case.

March 2018: Having said last month we had had no snow, that changed in March. Very heavy snowfalls in the South Dorset area with many roads completely closed for long & short periods. The snow melt combined with spring tides causes localised flooding at Ridge Wharf with the yard closed to traffic on the Saturday but open again the following day. No obvious problems. A new forecast for possible snow over the weekend of the 17/18.

Non Destructive througultrasonic-testingh paint ultrasonic testing (as against previous instrument which required paint removal first if the coatings were thick) now available for steel & metal structures & hulls. Call for quote. Reads through many layers of paint without removal of any paint.

Jan/Feb 2018: So far this year we have had no snow in the south but some very low temperatures & some extreme rain. At weekends the boatyards have been completely empty of owners with no one having the enthusiasm to make any kind oLaid-upf start. Very bleak. Very limited enquiries for survey work as boats are not top of the list, although I would advise you think about arranging any insurance survey soon, as come March the work becomes a bit hectic for a few weeks & you may not get the surveyor you want at short notice. Too cold for outside shipwright work as glues will not cure and accuracy of work in bitter conditions suffers.
December 2017: Happy Xmas. Click the video.

November/December 2017: Some very extreme gales along the South coast, a few vessels broken their winter moorings in Poole & washed up on the beach. One in Hamworthy pushed onto the Marines Base boundary fence. Forecast of extreme cold with forecast temperatures of -10C. Cold enough to crack engine castings if the temperatures remain that cold for in excess of 24H so make sure all systems are anti-freezed up.

October 2017: LATE NEWS: October 2017. Seafish are no longer undertaking registration surveys for existing fishing vessels from November 30. The MCA are taking over directly & are in the process of rewriting the requirements which are likely to be quite exhaustive. Fishermen have until November 30 2017 to apply to Seafish before these changes become applicable. It is likely that the costs will rise as will the scope of inspection at this time. New vessel registration will not change.

October 2017: Quite a few vessels appear to have ended the season a few weeks earlier than past years. Lay up is well underway in the Poole area. No surprise considering the poor weather over the latter months of Summer. Netley Boat Jumble held on Sunday October 1 but quite poorly represented by stall holders this year as the forecast was not good. It turned out to be much better than forecast but prices were lower due to, what appeared to be lower attendance figures. A lot of missing stalls though.
Autumn has certainly arrived now with strong winds & unsettled weather. Many owners were planning a last minute local cruise but the weather has scuppered many plans this year.
Beware if proceeding up the Wareham channel in Poole toward Ridge & Redcliff, one of the important perches on the last bend before entering the river has disappeared leaving the channel erroneously indicated & helping the initiated to cut the corner & go aground.

August/September 2017: Generally the quiet months for repairs & surveys. The weather has not been reliable for any pleasant cruising although the gale warnings have been few & far between on the South coast. The last couple of days in September are forecast to herald strong winds with early October weather warnings already circulating. Boat Jumble at Netley On Sunday 1 October. weedy_bottomThe first vessels just starting to lay up in the yards end of September. The fouling in Poole Harbour this season appears to be quite severe. This is Blakes Tiger after 5 months afloat.

July 2017: Quiet time in the yards at present. Usual time for yard maintenance & make & mend to keep staff busy. Restoration of Wanderer Coachroof cosmetically deteriorated. Few more coats of varnish before completed.
The result of a badly leaking cover & without any framework keeping it off the structure. Plastic covers are inclined to prevent damp areas ever drying out properly.

May 2017: Interesting survey on Fandango, A Laurent Giles design racing vessel of the late 1940's. The vessel is in the IBTC in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for restoration but for complex reasonsfandango, the restoration is not going ahead at the yard & now the vessel or what is left of her, has a very uncertain future. She is very similar to Myth of Malham but not quite as well known. Unusual build being double diagonal Honduras Cedar with a lead keel. If anyone would like to know more or get involved in a restoration contact me & I can put you in contact with the owner. She is 43 ft long & a lot of boat, and a lot of work.

January/Feb. 2017: Relatively quiet time of year in the yards. Few owners have the enthusiasm for cold days in windblown open boatyards. In the South there has been no exceptional weather, good or bad thus far. Boat sales appear to be slack with few new owners or potential buyers around. Some owners are getting information for insurance survey costs and I would advise those to not leave it until the last minute to find a surveyor as most geta busy period from the start of March.. Sometimes it is possible to reduce the amount you need to spend on a survey. See the article above this column for more information.

A few new Fishing vessels being surveyed for the MCA. Depending on the length, these sometimes have to have as many as 4 surveys whilst in build to ensure they comply with the Seafish & MCA build regulations. These are extremely complex.....and expensive.....