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Common survey faults

Shipwright Work

Shipwright work can undertake major & minor shipwright repairs & replacements to all type of construction. Included in this are:

new oak table New joinery designed & built

hillyard surveys and repairs New Galley

 yacht surveyor GRP Deck repairs

trapper 28 cracksGRP Hull damage repairs

Westyerly hull cracks Hard Spot damage repairs GRP
Mast repairs

Common Survey Faults

A few photos of very common problems noted in surveys.
Kinked gas pipegas pipe damage

Corroded guard line, although not usually as bad as this! yacht surveyor

Hard spot crack caused by bulkhead. hard spot cracking seasurveys

A rudder where the rudder stock has flexed causing major cracks around the entry point rudder stock cracking

This rudder stock has been bent forcing the rudder up to the hulldistorted rudder stock

Stranded Rigging stranded rigging


Severely corroded teeth on folding propellerfolding prop

Teak deck failing, note the dark patches close to the seams where water has not dried because it is leaking under the teak.teak deck

Fractured frame on timber vessel. fractured frame

Serious damage on timber vessel caused by wiring the anode to the stern gear internally. anode stern ngear damage

This is a stemhead fitting and you can see some severe distortion as the bulging at the forestay attachment point shows.diistorted

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